Middleware is a technique which is heavily used in nodejs frameworks like express etc. It is based on chain of responsibility pattern means one middleware will call another.

Middleware are methods which has parameters - request, response and next callback.

How to use in fortjs

FortJs provides different types of components which are in hierarchy and every component has access to request and response object. Thus you can use any middleware inside the component and you have the control how to use & in what order.

Let's see how to use helmetjs inside component wall -

import { Wall, textResult } from "fortjs";
import * as helmet from 'helmet';
export class HelmetWall extends Wall {
    async onIncoming() {
        const result = await this.callMiddleWare(helmet());

    callMiddleWare(middleWare) {
        return new Promise((res, rej) => {
            middleWare(this.request, this.response, res);

In a similar way other middleware can be used in any component.

You can download example from here - Middleware example

For detailed information visit this article - https://medium.com/fortjs/middleware-pattern-in-fortjs-7329cc7cf499 written by Ujjwal Gupta